Harry LordThis is my personal and professional blog.  As the definition of a blog contains the idea of personal ramblings I will leave the content of this blog to your future and present readings.  I have no pretense of being the center of anyone’s daily trek through the internet but I do think I have some things to say.  One might infer from the date of creation of the site that there may be a New Years resolution as the motivation for the site but that is not the case.  I have been noodling the idea of a personal site for more than a long time and this is the first step into the blogging world.

Professional Information

I am a computer programmer and software systems architect.  I spend most of my days determining the best solutions to business problems and use my long years of programming experience as well as problem solving skills to come up with a technical solutions to the business problems.   Over the years I have developed software systems for a number of companies including Ryder Systems,Florida Power & Light, American Express, Sensormatic / Tyco, John W. Henry & Co. and AutoNation to name the most notable.  At each location I was able to contribute a level of expertise and as the years have gone by I have also gained in knowledge and I strive to learn more every day.

Currently I am the lead for a small team working on the principal customer relationship management software for AutoNation.  The web application has been around for a long while and we are trying very hard to keep it at some level of sophistication so the users love and want to use the application.  The web application is the core with several supporting applications and services designed to make the solution complete and as automated as possible.  Most of the systems are developed in C# with the web application in VB.NET.  Some of the supporting applications are still in VB6 but we are actively working to replace them with a .NET version as soon as possible.

I will be posting issues and findings on the road through the conversion process at work as well as the interests that lie at home.

Personal Information
3 KidsI am happily married with three kids.  Trang, my lovely wife of nearly 12 years has allowed me to become a better professional by taking very good care of the home for which I am very happy to come back to every evening.  She has brought a level of inspiration to my life I would never have known if I had been through the years alone.  She is perfect companion for me.  She was selfless enough to have three children for me.

Eva, my oldest is the future performer, singer and writer of  interesting stories and at four she is also daddies little girl.  She plays many roles in her daily life, she is the leader of the children a job she takes very seriously, she is the helper for all the little things the mommy or daddy need a little extra help to do and she is the little girl that loves to learn, meet new people and brighten any room where she happens to be.

Erik is the older of the fraternal twins being just one minute older. He holds the record in the house for the number of times he has been told ‘NO’ in a day.  His desire to learn and explore is amazing but this does not even compare to his personality.  He loves to laugh examine and inventory a new face and is never afraid to cry when he is not feeling too keen on a situation.  His new trait is for things to be “Just So”.  We have gates in the house to keep the boys from venturing into places we don’t want them to go.  When the gate is open, he must close it behind him, the same goes with other doors.  His giggles are the stuff of legends.

Alex being the youngest has everyone wrapped around his stubby little fingers.  Being the first at nearly everything has not gone to his head but I do think he likes to brag about it when we are not around.  When it comes to affection, he is the king with his head butts (something he learned from me) and him placing his head on a shoulder it sure is a pleasure to have him around.  His fearlessness has lead to many crying fits but he is not daunted and can be seen trying new things at all times of the day.

So there we have me in a few short paragraphs.  I hope you like the blog and comment if you like what you read.

4 thoughts on “About

      • Hi Harry, yes there are more of us. In fact I am Harry C. Lord III, born in Utica NY but raised in Lowell Massachusetts. My grandfather, Harry C. Lord was born in Lynn MA, was a mechanical engineer with CT Main Co in Boston. My Dad, Harry C. Lord, Jr was a Safety Engineer with Factory Mutual Ins Co (MA and NJ), so I became a chemist, moved to Calif for graduate school, started working at JPL, and then left to start an Environmental business. Now I “retired” and am teaching chemistry and working with Faculty to use Technology in their classrooms. I have 3 children and 8 grandchildren (1 named Lord in Indiana).

      • That is amazing! I wonder if we are related in some way other than the obvious name similarities. Maybe in the future there will be a Harry Lord convention where we all gather around and talk about what it’s like to be Harry. 🙂

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