LinqPad – Enum to String

Converting an enum item to s string in C# is pretty simple, but we had a situation where the enum was not what we wanted to display to the user on the web.  Looking around I found several examples of how to get the displayed version to be more user-friendly.  Here is an example:

public enum SysModeType

We wanted to show “Administrator” on the web site but internally we were using “Admin”. We could do a search and replace for all Admin entries but there were other implications to the enum question in my mind. What if I wanted to display “Student Teacher” or “Intern/Unpaid” or any other combination of things that are not compatible with C# syntax.  I came up with several solutions and then went once step forward to test the performance of each.  The link is what worked and what didn’t.  I leave it to you to decide which one works for you.

LinqPad File: Utility – Enum to string.linq